Deltronic offers services to customers in a broad range of business areas and industries. To name just a few: mobile phone providers in the Benelux, hotels belonging to the world’s leading hotel operators, some of the biggest steelworks, Belgium’s Central Bank, most of Belgium’s civil airports as well as military airports and the top 5 of harbor-terminal operators all rely on Deltronic.

  • friday 12 // 10:37 AM

    Good. I will be @ VOO.

  • friday 12 // 10:12 AM

    Accor next week.

  • friday 12 // 10:03 AM

    Still @ Ministry of Defense.

In choosing Deltronic, you select an expert partner with an outstanding reference base of long-lasting, recurrent client experiences in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, non-ferrous, energy, public transportation and cable distribution.

  • monday 27 // 9:02 AM

    I’m not far: Bayer.

  • monday 27 // 9:00 AM

    This week Lanxess, Antwerp.

In addition, Deltronic’s solutions are successfully being used by the army, police departments, port authorities and dock pilots. They are installed in embassies and in nearly every prison and correctional facility in Belgium. Also hospitals, retail chains, apartment buildings, resorts, service campuses and camping sites as well as some of Belgium’s largest shopping malls have been equipped by Deltronic.

  • wednesday 04 // 15:25 AM

    Say hello to them.

  • wednesday 04 // 15:21 AM

    @ Embassy of Singapore.